Stairs Case Study

THE CHALLENGE: Safety and Durability

This client contacted us because he was looking to upgrade the stairs and driveway of his home. The stamped concrete was already faded and dull, and the foot and vehicle prints were very obvious. On top of that, he was concerned that the surface was slippery, so he needed a safe and long-lasting option.


We were very excited to help our client achieve hi-quality stairs and driveway that balanced elegant, classic and 100% natural stone, contrasting darker colors that help hide tire footprints and lighter colors for the stairs create stunning visuals while ensuring that his guests have a clear and safe path to their home! No more rugs needed on each step. In addition, the epoxy rock solution is great for preventing slipping, Pebble Stones natural porous allows water to travel beneath the surface thus eliminating the water sitting in the surface causing staining and slippage.