Product Comparison

When you invest in any home improvement, it is crucial to recognize the different solutions on the market, and your home surfaces should not be the exception. The key is choosing a contractor who offers a quality product that lasts over time and includes excellent customer service. Below you can see how Pebble Stone Coatings’ Epoxy Rock provides a distinct advantage compared to other materials.

Other surface products Vs. Pebble Stone Coatings’ Epoxy Rock


  • MRequires sealing and sanding yearly to avoid oil, tire marks staining.
  • MPavers tend to lose color over time.
  • MWeeds can grow between the pavers and if not regularly sanded and sealed, will become uneven and loose.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NBecause we use natural stone, the color stays with the stone, and any stains simply sit on the surface and aren't absorbed into the stone.
  • NDebris on top of the stone can easily be removed with household cleansers such as diluted Dawn dish detergent.


  • MRequires sealing and recoloring every 2 years to keep the surface durable, hard to match if damaged.
  • MStamp styles go out of style.
  • MVery slippery when wet, water puddles dry and leave water rings. Surface will always look dirty even with a slight amount of dust on it.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NPebble Stone keeps its natural color year after year, its maintenance is only once every 3 years and its repairability makes it easier to maintain than stamped.
  • NIts porous nature doesn’t allow puddling.


  • MThe product causes concrete to be slippery when wet.
  • MIt has no renewable warranty features.
  • MStaining from the concrete can come up thru the surface.
  • MColors bleach out and fade over time.
  • M If sealers aren’t applied properly, they will peel and flake. Stained surfaces also scratch easily.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NPebble Stone Coatings is naturally porous which helps avoid slipping
  • NPebble Stone Coatings offers a renewable warranty
  • NPebble Stone Coatings is 100% natural stone that doesn't fade.

Epoxy Paint

Usually interiors but sometimes on driveways and patios

  • MThis surface is commonly used inside garages. However, once water is on the surface it becomes like ice.
  • MThe product does not last in exterior applications and will peel and fade.
  • MEpoxy Paint is easily scratched and if not applied properly will peel up with hot tires.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NPebble Stone Coatings provides slip resistance due to its porous nature.
  • NPebble Stone applied to interior surfaces has no additional maintenance.
  • NPebble Stone Coatings' epoxy has not degraded ultraviolet light therefore no sealing will need to be performed.

Kool Deck / Spray Deck

  • MThis product is less than 1/8” to ¼” thick, when water is absorbed through the concrete it causes the sprayed texture to pop off the subsurface.
  • M Repairs are easily noticed.
  • MThe product usually lasts less than 5 years when applied to brand new concrete and less than 3 if it is reapplied to older surfaces.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NPebble Stones are poured at ½” thick.
  • NIts porous nature keeps the surface more slip resistant.
  • NRepairs are easily made.

Cracked / Uneven Concrete

  • M Plain concrete not only detracts from the appearance of the house, it absorbs oil and stain as well as letting the grass grow in spaces.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NPebble Stone Coatings is poured in place, we can adjust the height differences to help level out the surface.
  • NEach Pebble Stone is completely sealed with epoxy which allows dirt to sit on the surface and can easily be washed off or power washed up to 2000 psi with a fan tip.

Ceramic Tile

  • MVery slippery when wet.
  • MDoes not allow for expansion joint movement. Rarely fits properly on top of concrete and edges will easily crack.
  • MCeramic tiles are not repairable and need replacement. Grout also needs matching.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NPebble Stone Coatings is slip-resistant and with our expansion joints in place, moves with the subsurface.
  • NPebble Stone Coatings is poured-in-place, it can accommodate oddly shaped surfaces.

Indoor / Outdoor Carpet

  • MCarpets (even outdoor carpet) can dry rot and colors bleach out. Edges will unravel and carpet can hold mold and mildew.

Pebble Stone Coatings

  • NPebble Stone Coatings do not get mold or mildew and colors won’t fade.