The Do’s and Don’ts of Pebble Stone and epoxy rocks systems

Pebble Stone is a beautiful and durable surface to transform old cracked and unsightly surfaces into something amazing and new.  For over 18 years Pebble Stone Coatings has been installing and renovating concrete surfaces but the key to the success besides the company who install it, is how it’s taken care of by you and future maintenance by us.  Over cleaning causes the natural porous pebble stone coatings to become more permeable which allows dust and dirt to adhere to and become embedded in the material.   Follows these simple rules and avoid some others for a long lasting happy surface

Best way to keep it clean – leaf blower

Using a leaf blower will carry away dust and dirt off your surface; helping to keeps it looking cleaner over time. 

Things to avoid

Excessive water use / Grass areas 

Water in Las Vegas is hard and contains a lot of minerals.  Excessive over spraying or regular use of water as a cleaner can result in visible grayish white mineral deposits being left behind.  This is similar to what happens to windows and car doors that get hit with overspray from sprinklers.  We recommend that all grass sprinklers be moved at least 18 inches away from any decorative surface to avoid this build up.   

Tire Marks

Our deserts excessive heat and little rain can cause dirt, dust, and oil to be pulled up onto your driveway.  All decorative surfaces including pavers, stamped concrete and painted concrete will get tire marks.  However, we offer a variety of darker colors stones which can help limit the appearance of tire marks on your surfaces, choosing richer darker colors for your driveway will help minimize the appearance of tire marks.  

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