Enhance your existing surfaces with the beauty of Natural Stones.

Pebble Stone Coatings specializes in transforming ordinary surfaces into luxurious masterpieces with customizable patterns and designs.  Our high-quality products are designed to last, and our team of qualified installers are the best in Nevada; we are Nevada’s Largest, Most Trusted Epoxy Rock Installer for over 20 years.

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With over 40 years of combined experience, we offer attractive and long-lasting surfacing options for your home or business. We are experts in home resurfacing, through the installation of Epoxy Rock (natural stone) on driveway, patio, walkway, stair, and entrance surfaces, eliminating the challenges that these areas may cause nowadays and with no demolition needed. We take great pride in customer satisfaction and high-quality products.

Whether your concrete is new or old, cracked or stained…or even discolored, a Pebble Stone Coatings surface will enhance the look of your property and add value as well! We can do amazing things on the following surfaces: Cement, Asphalt, Kool-Decking, Painted Surfaces, Stamped concrete.

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Surface Challenges

It is certainly true that there are a series of factors which help cause surface deterioration, such as vehicular traffic, surface and subsurface movement and expansion, contraction of concrete, temperature changes, etc. Depending on the type of materials chosen, these factors can unleash the following challenges.


The cause of surface cracking is usually due to moisture. When the floor is wet, the water molecules can slip between the layers of the floor. This causes the floor to slowly crack and eventually crumble.


One common reason for surface cracking is floor bubbling. When moisture seeps into the surface of the floor, it can cause the floor to bubble. This is because the moisture expands as it seeps into the floor. Eventually, the floor will crack as the bubble expands.


Trapped moisture is the main reason that floors peel. When the floor is wet, moisture gets trapped in cracks and crevices. Over time, this moisture causes the floor to swell and peel. Floors can also peel if they weren’t properly sealed when installed, or if they weren’t properly cleaned before sealing.


The main cause of surface fading is the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. These rays are strong enough to break down the molecules in the floor’s finish, causing the color to fade. The sun can also cause the floor to become brittle and develop cracks. To prevent these problems, it is important to choose a floor finish that has UV protection.


There are many different causes for surface staining, but the most common ones are water, food and dirt. Water spots are caused by hard water deposits or mineral deposits left on the surface and mold is caused by spores that grow on organic material such as food or paper.


If a floor is not even, people will be more likely to slip on it. This can make the entire space dangerous. It’s important to consider what the surface is like, since different materials can vary in terms of their slipperiness.

Unwanted Weeds

The weed is an unwelcome addition to your cracked concrete patio, driveway, walkway, or sidewalk. The cracks provide an opportunity for the plant’s taproot to penetrate the pavement surface and access the soil below. Once the taproot is entrenched, the plant can access water and nutrients that allow it to continue growing. Over time, the weed will create a mess.

Short Term/Poor Quality Surfacing Material

The main disadvantage of short-term or poor-quality surfacing material is that it needs to be replaced often, and it is also more expensive in the long run. Another disadvantage is that this type of material is not as durable, so it may not last as long.

Benefits And Features

Reduces Slipping

Pebble Stones natural porous allows water to travel beneath the surface thus eliminating the water sitting in the surface causing staining and slippage. The epoxy rock solution is great for preventing slipping on walkways, driveways, stairs and patios. 

Long Lasting (Years)

Your epoxy installation thrives for years with minimal maintenance and can last for 10+ years with clean and seals (servicing) every 3 years. These clean and seals strengthen the epoxy bonding process and prevent rocks from popping out and the resin degrading from rain, foot and vehicle traffic, approved cleaning products, etc.

Expression and Artistry

Our installers are not only experts in troweling and installation, they are also artisans who specialize in creating works of art that use your concrete surface as a canvas. Our crew is invested in creating an improvement to your home that will delight your family and impress your guests for years after the install.

Fixes Unsightly Concrete

Our epoxy rock surfacing can not only cover damaged or uneven concrete. We install expansion joints to deal with concrete that moves significantly during hot and cold temperatures to provide a seamless, beautiful surface despite mother nature’s effects on concrete and resurfacing.

Elevated Walkways

The porous nature of the epoxy rock solution draws rainwater and pool runoff down to the ground level and allows you, your children, and pets to walk above the water on a solid, less slippery surface. Our surfacing is typically at least 1/2 of an inch higher than your concrete/ground level.

Repel the Elements

Our epoxies start shiny thanks to the fresh epoxy but eventually settle into a matte finish without weakening the epoxy. During our clean and seal, every 3 years, it will bring back the shine. Utilizing our standard clean and seals schedule will ensure the same beauty of the original install over the years, even over a decade.

Easy to Clean

Unlike traditional sealants, Pebble Stone Coatings is easy to clean. Dust and dirt can be removed quickly and easily with a leaf blower, making maintenance and upkeep a breeze.

Maintainable and Extensible

Our installers are capable of dealing with home improvement damage and expansions (e.g., extended driveways), remodels, and the planning required for concrete expansion joints, roll downs, and other common home improvement strategies. We only do the decorative surfacing, but our staff work to understand each customer’s needs and their future plans to better maintain and extend the epoxy rock surface when needed.

Renewable Warranty

We provide a standard delamination warranty on our installations for 3 years that is extended when you get a clean and seal. Our clean and seals help to strengthen your epoxy bonds between the river rock. As long as you use appropriate chemicals to clean your surface (e.g., water and vinegar where appropriate).

Natural Stone

100 % natural stone, keeps the beauty of natural colors. Utilizing natural stone protect the color of your surface as artificially colored products tend to fade and bleach out in the sun.

Covers any concrete

Pebble Stone can go over any type of concrete such as old, damaged, cracked, colored, spray textured and stained surfaces.

No demolition needed

Due to the unique application process PSC can help level uneven concrete, cover crack and insightly surfaces with no demolition.