Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Pebble Stone Coatings and another epoxy rock installer?

Pebble Stone Coatings has over 20 yrs of experience installing epoxy rock. Through these years we have perfected installation techniques that are unique to our company. We use proprietary products that are guaranteed to be the strongest and longest-lasting epoxy rock surface in the industry. The skills required to install a long-lasting surface is something our company prides itself on along with outstanding customer service before, during, and after the sale. Over the years we have seen contractors offer epoxy rock come and go in the Las Vegas Valley, after a year or two, they leave the product and their customers behind. Trust the company that has been here and will be here in the future.

When one rock comes up, do all the others as well?

Each rock is individually coated with epoxy, (one of the strongest bonding agents in the world) one loose rock doesn’t cause the others to fall out nor does it weaken the surface’s strength. Sometimes movement of the concrete along the expansion joints may cause some stones to loosen. This is not a problem and can be repaired with your clean and seal.

Does it trap dirt?

No, the porous nature of the rock allows you to blow out any dust, leaves, twigs, or other debris that happens to blow onto the surface. A standard leaf blower does the trick.

Will it fade?

No, because our rocks are 100% natural there is no fading of the stones, so the look you love will stay year after year, unlike artificial products.

Can you install Pebble Stone Coatings over dirt?

No. Although Pebble Stone is strong, it is only as strong as the subsurface, so we do require a permanent surface such as cement to adhere the rock to. This surface can be cracked, damaged or uneven all of which Pebble Stone Coatings can correct.

What about water stains?

In some areas with hard water or water that contains a high level of minerals, we suggest minimizing water hitting your surface on a daily basis. When you have water consistently spraying or dripping on any surface, it will leave a build-up of calcium on the surface being hit. Just like if you sprayed your windows with hard water and they stained, or your car got hit with a sprinkler each day, a buildup of calcium and magnesium would begin to show up on the glass and paint. The same thing can happen with the outside walls of your home or decorative surfacing. We recommend all sprinkler heads be pointed away from your Pebble Stone surface and onto the areas that should be watered.

Is the stone hot?

Pebble Stone is made of 100% natural stones. It is similar in heat retention to concrete. The lighter colors do reflect the sun’s rays a bit more than the darker colors.

Does it get tire marks?

While all surfaces can show tire marks over time, we offer a selection of darker colors which will help to minimize the appearance of tire marks.

Is it easy to repair?

Yes, should a repair be needed, our rocks can easily be troweled into the damaged surface and most repairs will blend in over time nicely.

Can it go inside the pool?

No. Pebble Stone is made for the surface and coping edges of the pool. But because it’s porous, it cannot go under the water. The product that you see inside of pools is called Pebble Tec. Pebble Tec uses smaller, decorative rocks similar to ours, but the installation process is different.

Is it animal friendly?

Yes. Because of its durability, animals will not damage the surface and it can be cleaned with a hose.

Is it rough on your bare feet?

No. We encourage people to give it the “barefoot” test at our home show display. The rock is hand troweled smooth, so it’s similar to walking on concrete rather than gravel.

What is the warranty?

We warranty your Pebble Stone surface for 3 years against delamination. Once you have a clean and seal performed at the 3-year interval, it automatically renews your warranty for an additional 3 years. As a convenience, we automatically notify you when your warranty is about to expire so you can choose to have it extended.

Does it crack?

The Pebble Stone surface is only as strong as the subsurface it adheres to. While no one can predict if or when your subsurface may crack, we always install expansion strips to help minimize any cracking. The expansion strips are placed to follow the natural expansion strips in your existing surface. Should a crack occur elsewhere, we can repair the surface for a nominal charge.

Why does it shine?

The shine on the surface happens to be the result of the epoxy resin that we use to bind the rocks to each other and the surface. While the product does have a stark shine at first, it will, over time become more of a satin and/or flat finish. This however does not damage the strength of the epoxy rock.

What is a clean and seal?

A clean and seal is performed on the surface every 3 years. This ensures the surface is clean and the epoxy bond remains strong. The first day of a clean and seal consists of pressure washing the surface at around 3800 psi (customer cleaning should never go over 2000 psi). This powerful wash strips off the old epoxy from the top of the rock. The following day we apply the same epoxy we used originally when we installed the stone to strengthen the surface, and we automatically extend your warranty an additional 3 years.

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